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Cottonwood German Shepherds raise quality and intelligence

American Kennel Club registered German Shepherds

Farm raised in a loving environment for confidence and loyalty for the  family.

My dogs are all in the house with me not in a kennel are thrown in the back yard. German Shepherd Dogs are companion dogs and need human companionship. They were bred to live close to their human. They have a large property to roam when they do go outside but they live with me as a pack and I am there  pack leader. Being the pack leader is important. It does not mean harshness it is training. A GSD is happiest when he knows the boundaries. They are a intelligent breed and enjoy a job. If not given a job he is bored and can make your life miserable. Like a child they need an education. Basic obedience is necessary.

When one of my girls has puppies she has them inside.During her pregnancy she is feed DHA and the best dog food for proper nutrition for her and the pups. Go to and read on the puppies page  breeding better dogs the way military dogs and police dogs are feed and raised. I feed all my dogs this way. More about this on the puppy page

.   The puppies are exposed to all kinds of environments at the farm and people so they are not afraid of anything. They are handled daily from birth.  Being raised in the house a puppy is started in potty training. This starts at about eights weeks of age.

Cottonwood kennels offers further obedience training for each puppy that is sold.

And at any time in the life of a Cottonwood Kennel puppy if he has to be re homed I will accept him/her back. I will rehome the puppy for you.  .

My puppies come with a certificate of health from my veterinarian. They will have been wormed starting at two weeks of age and every two there after per my veterinarian's recommendation.  They will have there shots started. Puppy buyers have 72 hours to have their veterinarian examine the puppy for health. If the puppy is found in ill health by your vet you may return the puppy. Intestinal parasites (protozoa) are not a reason for refund.  All puppies must be wormed many times and treated for parasites.

  Please research the breed before you you make a decision to get a german shepherd puppy . There are many good books on the breed to read.  Any puppy of any breed is a lot of work. Like having a toddler in the house. They will make you laugh and make you cry.  They are into everything. 

  I am located in beautiful north Georgia In Bartow county

Contact 7704800505  or



 I am a board member of  German Shepherd  Dog club of North Ga and a board member of White German Shepherd Dog club of American

 Buy a german shepherd puppy from an ethical breeder and always visit there kennel.

  barbara guzzo    770 480 0505



I wanted to send you a picture of Sage - she is one of your females  from the 08/24/13 litter (I believe from Cowboy & Mattie).  Sage is an awesome dog - everything we had hoped for in our first GSD.  She is weighing in right now in the mid-40s.  Her coat is beautiful - it seems to change from week to week.  She has fit right in with our family (I don't know if you remember our two little boys - they were a little rough when we came to yourhouse) - she gets along great with everyone, but she is most definitely my girl!  I just finished up the 7 wk course at Georgia Dog Gym (with a lady named Jennifer - not with Cyndy).  This was my firstat any dog schooling - Sage made me look like an old pro!

Thank you again for Sage!  When we are ready to add to our GSD family .We'll be in touch!



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